Malaysian Airlines: Terror attack possible

The whereabouts of MH 370 is still unknown. Malaysian Airlines is not sure about the exact reason of missing of the plane. According to fresh reports, the chances of Terrorist Attack cannot be ruled out. The misery and mystery of the Boeing-377, which set for, Beijing from Kuala Lumpur at midnight couple of days ago is unknown. But the biggest impact of the incident is what has been known.

There are some reports of wreckage findings in the sea in Vietnam border, which indicates towards a bad crash of the flight. TO support the theory, there are also some reports of oil float on the surface. However, despite efficient search team from Malaysia and China, no conclusion on the MH 370 has been made. It is still under missing category.

After the intervene of Interpol, the story has unfolded in a different manner. Interpol has suspected some foul play in the whole scenario and reported that two passengers have boarded the flight with stolen passports. There is some more official information with Interpol; however, they have refused to disclose anything on that.

If instincts have to be followed then, crash seems the most possible reason; however people are not denying the chances of possible terror attack, and even enemy attack and supernatural events behind the incidents.


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